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General Information

Updated January 2020
Only authorized employers of FPPA Members may access the FPPA Employer Portal. Contact FPPA to become enrolled.

Contributions Reporting


Active or Paid Members
The FPPA Employer Portal offers two ways for employers to report their contributions:

  1. MANUAL ENTRY - which allows Employers to update their data directly within the FPPA Employer Reporting System using the last reported payroll to FPPA, or
  2. FILE UPLOAD - which is to transmit a file into the FPPA Employer Reporting System. We recommend that employers with 50 or more members consider using the FILE UPLOAD method. For help in preparing data for file format reporting visit the Employer Resources of the FPPA Employer Portal.

Volunteer Firefighter or Old Hire Plans
The FPPA Employer Portal also allows employers of members in these plans to report and submit contributions.

Payment Schedule


All contributions to plans administered by FPPA are due ten days following the date of payment of salary to the member. Employers must submit the required contribution detail and the contributions required, in order to process the deposit. Payments are subject to a late interest charge if not submitted when due at a daily rate of one-half of one percent per month on the delinquent amount. Refer to Colorado Revised Statutes 31-31-402(4) for additional information.

Methods of Payment


  1. ACH Debit Transactions: ACH debit transactions are the best option for payment of contributions.  This allows FPPA to initiate an ACH debit which will transfer funds, for payment of contributions, from your bank account to FPPA’s account. If you want to use ACH debit transactions, contact FPPA’s Contributions Team to receive an “Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement”. Once this agreement form is completed and returned to FPPA, ACH debits can begin. Upon receipt of your contribution reports, FPPA will setup the ACH debit for the amount reported, and the money will be taken out of your bank account.
  2. Wire Transfer of Funds: If an ACH debit transaction is not a good option for you, an alternate method of payment is wire transfers.  With wire transactions, you will contact your bank when you want to initiate a transfer of money to FPPA. The difference between a wire transfer and an ACH debit transfer is that you initiate wire transfers, whereas ACH debit transfers are initiated by FPPA. Contact the FPPA’s Contributions Team to receive FPPA bank routing information.

Historical Reports


The FPPA Employer Portal allows employers to view and export details on posted contributions reports, member contributions, deposits and late interest charges.

Member Management (active, paid members)


The FPPA Employer Portal allows employers to add new members, terminate members, put members on leave of absence and return members to work from leave of absence. Employers may also update member contact information, such as address and phone number.

Volunteer Firefighter Member Management


The FPPA Employer Portal allows Volunteer Firefighter employers to maintain their membership data.

  1. For active members, employers can add new active volunteers, update existing member employment status, member name and Pensionable Years of Service.
  2. For retired members, employers can review their monthly retiree payments and make changes to retiree information.
  3. Every January, employers will need to review and update active and retiree member information.

Old Hire Retiree Member Management


The FPPA Employer Portal allows Old Hire employers to review and update their member information. Every January, employers will need to review and update retiree member information.


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